Posted: October 4, 2009 in Life in General, Rants and raves

Ok, so I understand that as we slipped into the new millennium it brought us lots of scare-mongering stories about how the world was going to end, or that a tiny little ‘bug’ was going to cripple the whole world creating anarchy on every shore around the globe.

31_05_2---The-Millennium-Dome_webHowever, in reality, we slipped into the Year 2000 relatively unscathed save for having to put up with a £760 million monstrosity called “The Dome”.

But since then, each year has come and gone pretty much as their preceding brothers and sisters did, without anything particularly major to write home about.

However, my problem is 2010 which is now causing me some concern – because this very year has now created two very distinct camps which you didn’t until now know about.  These camps are namely those who think “twenty-ten” is right and those in the opposing “two-thousand and ten” camp who also believe they are right.  And this is where my quandary rears its head…

Which one is actually right?

Now I can fully understand that right up until 2010 (however you say it) we can use the long-handed version of it, but what happens on 1st January next year?

I am firmly in the camp that says it becomes “Twenty-Ten” and I say this on the basis that we didn’t say “One-thousand, nine-hundred and ninety-nine” for the year that took us seamlessly into the new millennium.

So my question is, what is right and what is wrong?

We probably will never know for another 90 years when, if we as species are still around, we will almost definitely refer to it as “Twenty-one, oh-one” for 2101.  Because until then, both camps are effectively going to have licence to believe that the way their way of saying it is right.

So the next time you are in a meeting or just chatting with someone who says “Twenty-Ten” or “Two-Thousand and Ten” you can think about which one is right and which is wrong.  Once you find the answer…please let me know.

  1. Les says:

    Twenty ten is quite clearly correct… in the same way that nineteen ten was… silly people and their two thousand and ten!

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