Festival season…I don’t think so

Posted: August 7, 2010 in Life in General, Rants and raves

As everyone who reads this blog knows, I live in the North of Scotland – and area that has seen a huge increase in the ‘summer outdoor festival‘ scene, with the biggest probably being ROCK NESS set on Dores Beach on the banks of the world-famous Loch.

mud therapy

This weekend however, we have The Tartan Heart Festival @ Belladrum close to Beauly in Inverness-shire.

So the fact that this festival takes place less than a couple of miles (as the crow flies) from my house, I have been continually asked in the last few weeks whether I would be attending?

My immediate response has been a very loud, very clear and very decisive “Absolutely Not!”

So for someone who loves music so much, you may ask yourself why I would be so clear in my mind about my non-attendance at my doorstep festivals.  Well my reasons revolve around the whole washing, showering, toileting issues associated with camping at these outdoor events.

I know that I could simply do the same as many of my friends and travel home each night to get washed and showered and then head back  to Belladrum the following day clean, polished and refreshed.  But whilst this may solve my own personal hygiene issues, I still have an even bigger problem with the fact that I would be in close proximity to all the other festival-goers walking around like Linus from Charlie Brown who hadn’t taken the same proactive steps in dealing with the aura around them.

I understand that for some, the fact that they live a whole weekend in the same socks, pants, clothes and non-breathable wellies is all “part of the festival experience”.  But quite frankly as far as I am concerned, you can keep it!

Perhaps once the festival organisers find a venue with a [minimum of] 4 star hotel; where you can walk out the front door onto the main festival stage field with reserved areas for other hotel residents who have signed a contract confirming they will shower at least twice a day, then I may just consider making an appearance at that particular event.

Until then however, I will just have to make do with seeing my friends photos of their festival attendances on their Facebook pages or watching the highlights on BBC3 sitting in the comfort of my own lounge after a nice hot relaxing shower.


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